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For Consumers

What is Care Homes Direct?

Care Homes Direct was created as an innovative website allowing families seeking care DIRECT ACCESS to local and Trusted Care Homes.  NO other website provides BETTER, MORE ACCURATE and CURRENT information than 

Why was Care Homes Direct established?

Not long ago, individual assisted living homes were able to advertise and reach out in their community to the families in need of care.  With technology and the ever increasing popularity of the internet, a new breed of Referral Agencies entered the market and dominated the paid search engines like Google and Yahoo.  As a result, these Placement Agencies (middle men) controlled most placements (resident move-ins) in the Assisted Living industry.  As they grew, so did their fees.  Today, a referral fee can easily exceed, 100% of one month’s rent.  Thousands of dollars are charged to care home operators for each resident an agency placed.  This added expense forces the care home to impose higher rents on families in order to recoup those costs. puts the decision making back where it belongs…with YOU!

How Does the Care Homes Direct Work?

Since individual Care Home operators cannot afford to compete with the National Placement Agencies on Internet advertising, we have developed a website the industry can use to reach out to millions of families in need of care. This service is free for both consumers and care home providers.  Our amazing website experience with the latest technology and real-time search results, allows families to connect with care providers in their community and take a virtual tour of a home and staff and get current room availability and pricing.  Without having to pay thousands of dollars for each new resident, Care Providers can now offer better pricing to the families that contact them direct on 

What Does Care Homes Direct Cost?

Care Homes Direct is FREE.  NO FEES, NO CONTRACTS, NO COMMITMENTS!   No need to sign up to search on our site and contact Care Home Providers in your area.  Out of necessity, if you choose to use certain features on our site such as; Share, Save to Favorites or get Alerts on rooms that come available, we will ask for some basic contact information; a name, phone number and email address to allow these services...and that's it! 

How is Care Homes Direct Different than a Placement Agency?

Care Homes Direct does not get involved in the decision-making process.  We provide you with comprehensive and detailed information on care homes in your community without bias.  We provide you with consumer reviews/ratings and the ability to compare each property side by side.  We also give you the ability to contact the care providers directly.  Placement Agencies generally work with the facilities they have a contract with and you may not be given the opportunity to see other properties in your area.   If given a choice, a care home will choose the resident who doesn’t cost them thousands of dollars in agency fees… They will choose you!

How do I know I’ll find the right home with Care Homes Direct?

Care Homes Direct is a free service for both the consumer and the care home operator.  There is no “barrier to entry” and all licensed homes are welcome to advertise on our website.  We offer this so families have as many options as possible to make the right choice.  Each care home is scrutinized by consumer reviews and ratings providing an objective and unbiased way to deliver quality solutions to the consumer.  You may not find the perfect home on our website, but chances are, you will find the best.

Will Medicare/Medi-Cal pay for a care home?

Medicare/Medi-Cal pays for medical care in medically licensed facilities such as hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). Care homes and assisted living communities are non-medically licensed facilities and are typically private pay entities.  However, long term care insurance may cover Assisted Living Care.  Speak with your financial advisor regarding your situation.

Can my parent live in a nursing home and have Medicare/Medi-Cal pay for it?

A Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) provides medical care much like a hospital for short term recovery post trauma (surgery, falls, serious illness, etc.).  Care Homes and Assisted Living Communities provide non-medical custodial care including: residential accommodations, meal service, supervision, assist with activities of daily living (ADLs); bathing, dressing, medication management, transfer assistance and incontinence care.  Even Alzheimer’s and Dementia care is considered custodial.  Medicare/Medi-Cal benefits are limited and will not cover long term custodial care.

What are the differences between Residential Care Homes and an Assisted Living Community?

An Assisted Living Community operates on a larger scale and offers opportunities for greater socialization and activities. Though high levels of care are offered including memory care at some communities, it often attracts more independent seniors.  A Residential Care Home for Elderly (RCFE), also known as a Board and Care, caters to seniors with higher care needs. It is a more supportive environment offering a greater staff to resident ratio for intermediate to advanced physical or memory impairment.   Residential Care Homes are typically family homes in residential neighborhoods.  These homes are licensed through the State in which they operate and are modified to accommodate the lifestyle and needs of the elder community.  

What services are typically included?

Residential Care Homes usually include meals, laundry and all personal care including medication management. Limited activities are offered and possibly some transportation.  There may be additional charges for incontinency care and awake staffing at night.   Assisted living communities offer meals, housekeeping, laundry, a more varied activities program and typically transportation. Personal care and medication management are usually an additional cost. 

What if my parent is resisting a move?

Most seniors find the transition from their personal home to an assisted living environment difficult, but most adjust successfully.  When memory impairment is involved, the first two weeks following transition are often accompanied by increased levels of confusion, anxiety or agitation. It often takes seniors at least a month to adjust.  The commitment in a typical care home is month to month.  Knowing this often helps with their anxiety.

For Care Home Operators

What is Care Homes Direct?

We are a technology company which has created an online marketplace allowing free open access for both care providers and families in need of care to connect.  Our website restores a fair and open marketplace without the dependency of a third party agency saving care facilities thousands of dollars each year.

Why Care Homes Direct?

Because most care facilities can't afford to have an internet presence and have become dependent on third party placement agencies to fill their vacant rooms.  Even large facilities find it hard to compete with the referral agencies on paid internet search and their proprietary tactics often redirect your customers so they can sell them back to you.  For example, try searching the name of your facility on the internet,  chances are you will probably not appear in the search results.  This is a serious problem in our industry. 

How much does it cost?

Our Basic listings are FREE.  You can post as many properties as you like on our site at no cost. 

How does Care Homes Direct make money?

We generate revenue by advertisements, sponsorships and premium listings.  

What is a Premium Listing and how much does it cost?

Premium Listings include an enhanced listing with a property photo and receive priority placement on search results.  Premium features include:  Property videos, photo deck, room availability, pricing, vacancy alerts sent to favorites, reviews & ratings,  map & directions, side-by-side comparisons and unlimited leads generated from the CareHomesDirect website. 

What does a Premium Listing cost?

Residential Care Facilities (1-15 Beds):

$49.99 per month
$499.99 discounted annual fee

Assisted Living Communities (16+ beds):             

$149.99 per month
$1,499.99 discounted annual fee


Note: There are no refunds.  Premium listings are month to month and the discounted annual plan is a one-year commitment per property.  Price is per property.

What’s my Risk?

You have no risk with a free ad.  We realize, for us to be successful, we needed to remove all barriers and allow everyone free and equal access to our website.   We need to work together to make a change in our industry.  With a Premium ad, your risk is the investment in marketing your property on our website and having a beautiful listing you can use to personally to send to potential customers. 


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